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What to Look for in a Coach

What to Look for in a Coach

When you're looking for a coach, or just looking for ways to improve your athletic performance, there are a few things that really set the experts apart. Here are a
Physiology Testing

The Importance of Physiology Testing

Lone Peak Performance offers a wide range of services targeted to optimize human performance. By working with Lone Peak's Exercise Physiologists, you will acquire the tools and awareness needed to
Bike Fit

Why Athletes Benefit from Biomechanics

Every athlete moves differently and while there are certain movement requirements to accomplish any specific athletic task… think golf swing, running gait, or shooting a basketball, how well an athlete
Tom and Bryce

What Is Exercise Physiology?

Exercise physiology is technically a branch of biology that focuses on physical exercise— it's a specialization within the field of kinesiology. Exercise Physiologists study acute responses and chronic adaptations to
Pelvic Health

What is Pelvic Health?

Pelvic Health entails the branch of physical therapy that involves the pelvic floor muscle group. If you live with urinary dysfunction, painful intercourse, or pain in the pelvic area, pelvic
Pediatrics Physical Therapy

Pediatric Physical Therapy

Our pediatric therapy team provides comprehensive, multidisciplinary care, focused on collaboration, to ensure a family and client-centered approach to help children reach their potential. Physical Therapy Pediatric physical therapy aims

May 19: COVID Update

It is nice to see that the curve for new COVID cases has significantly flattened in Montana over the past month. While there is still an underlying feeling of uncertainty