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Pelvic Health Physical Therapy is intended for anyone of any age who experiences pain, difficulty with bowel and bladder, or any other symptoms related to the pelvic area. Addressing this often untreated area can be life changing.

For women: We are experts in all things pelvis: From bowel and bladder issues, to prolapse, to pelvic pain - We treat it all! We further specialize in navigating pregnancy and beyond, including return to activity and sport after baby.

For men: You don't have to suffer from hernias, pelvic pain, neuralgia, erectile dysfunction, incontinence, constipation or lower back pain. Our Pelvic Health Specialists are here to help you get your life back. 

For children: Do you have concern for your child wetting the bed, struggling with constipation and stomach aches, or needing to use the bathroom at a high frequency? Call or text us to learn more about what Pediatric Pelvic Health services we offer, and how we can support you and your child today! 

To learn more about what treatment is like, please read our Pelvic Health FAQ

Looking for some things to try prior to your upcoming appointment with us? Try out our "Top Tips" for Pelvic Pain and for Bowel & Bladder


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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Pelvic Floor Dysfunction?
Pelvic floor dysfunction is the inability to correctly coordinate or activate pelvic floor muscles. Symptoms often include constipation, urine or stool leakage, and/or frequent urination.
Who Needs Pelvic Health Physical Therapy?
Patients come to Lone Peak for pelvic health therapy to address a wide variety of pelvic floor issues, some common conditions including pelvic pain, urinary incontinence, and pregnancy-related issues. Often referred to as Women’s Health, we believe that men and women can equally benefit from pelvic health therapy and our Physical Therapists offer treatment of pelvic health issues where each visit is based on each patient’s unique individual needs. The team at Lone Peak is committed to helping patients move better, feel better, and live better. 

What areas does Lone Peak Physical Therapy serve?
Lone Peak offers physical and occupational therapy services at multiple locations throughout Montana— with offices in Big Sky, Bozeman, Belgrade, Butte, Billings, and Four Corners. We have a specialized pelvic health therapist based in Bozeman to address and enhance Pelvic Health for our Bozeman patients who are treated in a state-of-the-art Bozeman clinic located conveniently in Ferguson Farms. 
Do You Prenatal or Postpartum Care?
Yes! If you’re facing prenatal aches and pains, postpartum pain, or urinary incontinence, our specialists can help. You don’t have to live with these issues — they can range from annoying to downright painful, and PT has been proven to help. 
Do you have job openings for Pelvic Health Physical Therapists?
If you are a doctor of physical therapy looking for a job or a career in the field of Pelvic Health, we look forward to hearing from you! For the latest job postings for Physical Therapists, please visit our Employment page which is kept up to date with the latest open positions in our clinics throughout Montana.


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