Exercise Prescription

Exercise Program

Clinical Exercise Prescription Program

Exercise Prescription is like getting physical therapy for your cardiometabolic health! This program is a step-by-step process that involves an exercise prescription as ‘medicine’ to improve cardiorespiratory fitness and cardiometabolic risk factors. Risk factors (i.e., hypertension, elevated triglycerides, impaired fasting blood glucose) impair quality of life and health outcomes over time. A personalized exercise prescription plan is the most effective strategy to safely target underlying risk factors and create sustainable lifestyle habits over time.

Common problems with therapeutic exercise programs include:

  • adverse responses
  • non-responders
  • lack of adherence
  • perception of difficulty / chronic fatigue
  • non-sustainable habits

Why work with an exercise physiologist?

  • Like any medication, the dose is important. With metabolic testing – we measure and control the ‘dose’ of exercise before administering.
  • Individualized – exercise prescription not based on arbitrary HR metrics.
  • Safe – participant gradually integrates higher intensity workouts

Step-by-step process:

Complete ‘submaximal’ graded exercise test & lipid panel measuring:

  1. Rate of Oxygen Consumption (VO2)
  2. Fat Oxidation vs. Carb Oxidation
  3. Lactate Profile
  4. Heart Rate Response
  5. Blood Pressure Response (when appropriate)
  6. Ventilatory Response
  7. Cholesterol, fasted blood glucose, triglycerides

Analyze data to identify:

  1. Aerobic & lactate threshold determination
  2. Fuel source preferences
  3. Heart rate zones – used to control ‘dose’ of exercise training

Exercise Prescription Plan (ExRx)

  1. 3-month ExRx to be completed either at Lone Peak facility, local gym or at home on personal exercise equipment
  2. Monthly check-ins with Exercise Physiologist
  3. The plan is completed while using a heart rate monitor to stay in the correct HR zones.
  4. During monthly check-in, the Exercise Physiologist guides the client through a new workout (i.e. intervals), monitoring blood pressure and heart rate response to ensure safety before the client completes independently.

Who is a good fit?

  • Clients who are interested in improving quality of life using the exercise-intervention approach.
  • Clients not seeing results with exercise training
  • Clients with high blood pressure, unregulated blood glucose levels, high cholesterol, low stamina, fairly independent.

Exercise Prescription 3-month plan

  • Testing
  • 3-month Exercise Prescription Plan (ExRx)
  • 3 check-ins sessions

Cost: 600$