Core 360 - Women's Strength


Starting on January 3rd, we will provide an encouraging and supportive environment for women to improve their fitness and embrace a healthy lifestyle. This six-week class will cover specific whole-body exercises that can be applied to daily activities, will improve your strength, and will help you reach your fitness goals. Please complete and bring the Generalized Screening Questionnaire with you before your first class. 

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Mondays from 6am - 7am OR 12:30pm - 1:30pm

Cost: $120 

About the Instructor, Kendra Dennis:

Kendra obtained her undergraduate and masters in Exercise Physiology from Montana State University. She completed the American College of Sports Medicine Exercise Physiologist Certification and the Girls Gone Strong Pre-/Postnatal Coaching Certification. In addition to her educational background, she has experience coaching and designing group fitness classes for a variety of athletes. She is eager and motivated to assist a wide-range of women as they work towards their exercise goal(s) by providing training-specific plans, coaching classes, and promoting positive growth and wellness.  

Area of Specialties:

  • Diastasis Recti Measurements
  • Physiological Understanding of changes during Pregnancy and Post-Partum
  • Coaching of Pelvic Floor Contraction and Relaxation 
  • Ability to develop training programs online, in-person, or small group fitness classes
  • Highly-specific screening of movements related to post-partum, i.e. observing for proper muscle activation, doming/coning, etc

If you're curious to learn more or would like to schedule a FREE 20-minute consult with Kendra, email her at kdennis [at] or call the Bozeman office at 406-548-6266. 

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