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Movement Based Biomechanics

The Human Body is
Meant to MOVE.

Interested in continuing education based on MOVEMENT? Sign up today and become an expert in treating movement dysfunction. Our next course, focusing on the knee and hip, is taking place October 8-9, 2022 in Bozeman, Montana.

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About The Course

Knee & Hip Applied is the second course in the series of the Movement Based Biomechanics Certification.

The methods taught in this course challenge traditional PT methods for treating the knee and hip. You should expect to leave the course with a new set of assessments and exercises for knee and hip dysfunction, especially when it comes to treating common problems like hip impingement, anterior knee pain, and rehabbing patients post-op ACLR.

This course dives deep into the biomechanics that occur at the knee and hip in functional movements and gait. We will explore how dysfunction with specific biomechanics may either create or be a result of problems up or down the kinetic chain. You should expect a heavy “lab” component ideal for hands-on learning and practice with the movement diagnosis system.

Saturday & Sunday October 8-9, 2022: 8AM - 4PM 

(2 hours of online content prior to the course)
Teachers: Paige Williams, Emma Kellner

Download: Course Agenda

For questions call 406.551.9077 or email mbbconed [at]


We have compiled the best of evidence-based research and knowledge of movement and melded them into our efficient Movement Diagnosis System.

The Movement Diagnosis system will help you get to the root of the issue quicker. Expect to master clinical biomechanics and learn manual therapy techniques in functional positions. After these courses you should feel confident to create your own movement diagnoses for INDIVIDUALS with SPECIFIC problems.

• Take your clinical reasoning to the next level with the Lone Peak Movement Diagnosis System

• Develop a deep understanding of functional biomechanics and how to treat 3D problems with 3D solutions

• Learn to look beyond a simple tissue diagnosis by treating movement dysfunction.


Each live course is hosted in Bozeman, Montana at the Lone Peak Performance Gym.

Arrive early and enjoy what Bozeman has to offer: Mountain Biking, Trail Running, Cross country skiing, and Downhill skiing just outside our door.

Ask us for trail or dinner recommendations!

Lone Peak Performance is the premier physical therapy and performance clinic in Bozeman, Montana. Here you will find one of the few turf spaces in Montana, cutting-edge equipment like the 1080 Quantum and 1080 Sprint, and a welcoming environment for learning.


Interested in getting your Certification in Movement Based Biomechanics?

Attend all 5 courses in the series and complete the Final Movement Project using the Lone Peak Movement Diagnosis System. Movement projects are evaluated by MBB Faculty. You must complete the series within 4 years of your initial start date.

The 5 Base Courses for MBB Certification

1. Foot & Ankle Applied

2. Knee & Hip Applied

3. Spine Applied

4. Upper Extremity Applied

5. The Whole Athlete (final course in series)

We look forward to meeting you!

If the name on your card differs from the student's name, please email student name with the associated card name to mbbconed [at]

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