Save money

Self Pay FAQ

I have health insurance, how could using Self Pay save me money? The amount billed to insurance can range vastly. If you have a deductible, your insurance company may not
Pelvic Health Specialist for Delivery

Are You Ready for Delivery?

Did you ever wonder what a pelvic PT specialist can do for you during pregnancy? A few appointments with a pelvic floor PT specialist prior to delivery can jumpstart your
Pelvic Health Specialist

Why a Specialist Coach?

Why is it important to have a specialist pelvic health coach vs a standard coach? A specialist coach can be viewed similarly to a general practitioner referring to an expert
Pregnancy Support Team

Prenatal Support Teams

Who is on Your Prenatal Support Team? Whether you’ve been a consistent regular exerciser, or a beginner, exercising through your pregnancy shouldn’t be a scary experience. While we are always

Core 360 - Women's Strength

Starting on January 3rd, we will provide an encouraging and supportive environment for women to improve their fitness and embrace a healthy lifestyle. This six-week class will cover specific whole-body