Why a store bought splint won't cut it:

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What is the purpose of a splint? 

Orthoses or "splints" can be used for many reasons.

Your physician may order them to:

  • Protect fractures
  • Address stiff joints or soft tissue
  • Stabilize joints to help with pain
  • Improve function during daily activities, things like:
    • Gripping
    • Gasping
    • Turning 
    • Pulling
    • Squeezing 
    • Turning
    • Holding, etc... 

Here at Lone Peak, we use specialize in Custom Splint Fabrication and curate the most breathable, lightweight, custom molded splints you will ever find. 

So, what's the big deal about Custom Splint Fabrication?

To put it simply, custom splints are far more comfortable and effective at getting the job done.

What is the difference with a Custom Splint from us vs. a "Store Bought" Prefabricated Splint?  

It all boils down to proper fit.

Unfortunately prefabricated splints and bracing options are typically bulky, cumbersome, uncomfortable and can even sometimes be unintentionally more harmful because of this. Sadly, we find patients who wear these prefabricated splint options do not fit them properly causing pressure points, skin breakdown, or blood flow restriction. Furthermore, some of these store bought splints can even place joints in not ideal positions, all of which contribute to things taking substantially longer than they should, ultimately delaying your healing time and negatively impacting your odds at making a full recovery. 

Why should I choose Lone Peak to make my Custom Splint? 

Our Certified Hand Therapists (CHTs) take great pride in earning your trust through fabricating a custom orthosis for you. They will go the extra mile to ensure a perfect fit making it extremely comfortable, featuring an aesthetic design that you will be excited to wear during your recovery journey! Visit our Hand Therapy page to learn more. 


You're in the right hands.

Schedule your Free Consultation to see if a Custom Splint is right for you! 



CONTENT CREATED BY: Will Martin, OTR/L, CHT and Allie Poalino, DPT 

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