Why a Specialist Coach?

Pelvic Health Specialist


Why is it important to have a specialist pelvic health coach vs a standard coach?

A specialist coach can be viewed similarly to a general practitioner referring to an expert for your care. Your general provider has an overall knowledge of the body but will refer you to a Physical Therapist for musculoskeletal treatment and evaluation, or an Obstetrician/Gynecologist for care during your pregnancy.

A coach specializing in pre-/postnatal care will have the continuing education, experience, and foundational knowledge highlighting distinct changes to your body. Additionally, they can create a customized, specific program based on your goals and modify appropriate exercises when change is required.

What to expect?

When meeting with a coach, it is an exciting opportunity to address what gets you motivated and eager to achieve your goals. It’s fun to play around and dream big; you should! You are going to be a mom, or currently are a mom, therefore, you should feel that you can achieve anything!

A qualified, knowledgeable coach will know how to add modifications for you to continue moving and performing during your pregnancy and after delivery. This will include a screening questionnaire, checking in at meetings, and discussing your progression/relevant information with the medical team when necessary.

As pregnancy progresses and the baby continues to develop, you may not have the time or energy to perform at the level you were performing prior to pregnancy; that is normal and should not deter you from sticking with your goals! It is a priority you feel heard and understood when navigating adaptations of your body during the pregnancy.  

A coach is one of your top fans and cheerleaders – we love to see you grow, assist in reaching your goals, and provide a vital piece to your support group!

Ready to learn more or get started?! Reach out to our specialist Pre-/Postnatal Coach, Kendra Dennis, at our Bozeman clinic. Call to schedule a one-on-one consultation today at (406) 548-6266 or email at kdennis [at] lonepeakpt.com.


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