What to Expect at Your 34-Week Prenatal PT Appointment?

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About Prenatal Pelvic Health Physical Therapy:

Our Pelvic Health Specialists have extensive training and specialize in treating many pelvic health conditions that arise during pregnancy and throughout the postpartum period.

We tailor our approach and treatment based on where you are in your pregnancy journey and address your individual and specific concerns safely and effectively.

During pregnancy, your session will focus on:

  • Muscle imbalances and postural alignment changes to accommodate your growing belly
  • Exercise prescription and modification to help you stay physically active throughout your pregnancy
  • Joint and ligamentous changes
  • Symptoms of low back pain, SI Joint pain, pelvic pain
  • Addressing any bowel or bladder concerns

Labor & Delivery Preparation: 34-Week Appointment

We offer a Labor and Delivery Session at 34-Weeks Gestation or you and your partner. This session includes:

  • Labor and delivery positioning, helpful tips & exercises
  • Hands-on partner assisted uterine ligament mobilization/stretching for relief pre- and during labor
  • Perineal stretching practiced with partner and self release application
  • Gentle pushing training & coordination drills to address pushing stage of delivery 
  • Counterpressure hands-on training for labor with patient and partner
  • Labor and delivery positions for the purpose of supporting safe labor/delivery
  • Mental coping strategies for labor/delivery
  • TENS unit use, setup, placement if so desired for pain management during labor

You will leave this appointment feeling educated and fully prepared for your little one to make their arrival!


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CONTENT CREATED BY: Cheryl Tenpas, DPT and Allie Poalino, DPT

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