What Is Exercise Physiology?

Tom and Bryce

Exercise physiology is technically a branch of biology that focuses on physical exercise— it's a specialization within the field of kinesiology. Exercise Physiologists study acute responses and chronic adaptations to exercise.

At Lone Peak Performance, Exercise Physiologists work in our Performance Lab — using cutting-edge technology, and a hands-on approach to movement analysis — to rehab and train athletes of all ages and abilities.

So what does it mean to work with an Exercise Physiologist?

The process is simple, even if the technology isn't. The process goes something like this:

1. Call in and set up a time to consult with one of our team members who can answer your questions to help you understand how we can help you reach your goals.

2. Once we understand your goals, you come into the Performance Lab (in either Bozeman or Big Sky, Montana), and we analyze your unique physiologic makeup and training needs with advanced performance testing techniques. Some of the tests and analytic services that we offer include:

  • Full physiological and metabolic test
  • VO2 max
  • Lactate threshold testing
  • Cycling power profile
  • Function threshold power (FTP) test
  • Portable VO2 analyzed workout
  • Basic gait analysis
  • Advanced gait analysis
  • Basic bike fit
  • Advanced bike fit

3. We take these test results and use them as a foundation to develop a customized training plan that will serve as your training roadmap.

4. From there, it's up to you. Many clients continue working 1-on-1 to implement their training plans — either in preparation for a big race, as pre-season conditioning, or in the off-season to rehab injuries.

By working with an Exercise Physiologist, you will acquire the tools and awareness needed to accomplish your goals with more precision — we believe that you can achieve greater results when you train with purpose vs. just going through the motions without a roadmap. We've found that evidence-based plans, individualized to the athlete, mean quicker results and better awareness of weaknesses.

Ultimately our goal in providing Exercise Physiology is to help you achieve things you never thought possible.