Urinary incontinence doesn’t have to be your normal!

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“I had a baby, of course I cough and pee a little”

“I pee just a little bit when I run, but doesn’t everyone if their bladder is full?”

Both of these are statements we hear women say daily in our clinic.


And the men we see for Pelvic Health Services usually say:

“After prostate surgery, I was just told to expect to have some incontinence and that’s that.”


So what's the truth about urinary incontinence?

While this culture around navigating the topic of urinary incontinence has been brushed under the rug for decades, we are here to set the record straight.

The truth is that you do not have to make excuses for or live with any level of incontinence any longer, it is totally treatable! That is where we come in to help.

At Lone Peak PT – Helena, we specialize in Pelvic Health Physical Therapy for men, women and children. This specific type of Physical Therapy focuses on treatment of the pelvic floor which is the area that supports your hips, pelvis and low back. Your pelvic floor is what controls your bowel and bladder functions.

In every session from the very start, we focus heavily on what matters most to you. Treatment for urinary incontinence is truly life changing! No more wondering where the nearest bathroom is, fear of wearing light colored clothing, or accidental leaks throughout the day.

As far as treatment method, our approach can vary greatly depending on what your goals are. Some basic exercises you might find online when you research more about urinary incontinence, regardless of gender, are the famous “kelgel” exercises. From our experience, when we assess how someone is actually performing kegel exercises they either learned online or from elsewhere, about 80% of people are actually performing them incorrectly and sometimes are even making their problem or primary complaint worse. This is why it is so crucial to meet with a properly trained professional who is an expert in treating the pelvic floor to ensure not only proper exercise prescription, but also proper exercise technique.

When you come to see us for care, we always strive to make your experience unparalleled by creating a patient centered, wholistic approach that is safe and supportive from the very beginning.  

In Helena, Susanna Clark, PT, DPT, is a certified provider and has specialized in Pelvic Health for over five years. She is the local expert, and has taken a multitude of continued education courses to further her growth and understanding of how to help her patients with the most cutting edge and up to date treatment approaches and techniques. She is devoted to her craft, and is passionate about giving you the control of your body that you deserve, so that you can get back to doing what you love!


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CONTENT CREATED BY: Susanna Clark, DPT and Allie Poalino, DPT

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