The secret to getting better, faster - 1080 Quantum Testing

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Secrets out...

Introducing the 1080 Quantum: Your one way ticket to a full, and speedy recovery.

The highly specialized 1080 Quantum machine uses revolutionary technology and streamlines your rehabilitation experience so that you can take out the guess work, and get better, faster. 

By working with our skilled experts, you gain full access to evaluation, testing and training your strength, speed, power and acceleration - All of which are monumental and crucial in a Return to Sport Rehabilitation Program & Plan. 

So, what makes the 1080 Quantum so special? 

One tool, endless possibilities for measuring: 

  • Force 
  • Power
  • Velocity 
  • Acceleration 

This cutting edge system exposes, measures and corrects strength imbalances in your body - Making for an unparalleled and completely customizable experience.

There are only a few of these machines in the world, two of which reside in our Bozeman + Performance and Big Sky + Performance facilities. The 1080 Quantum is the cornerstone to the care we provide, as our team of providers are passionate about getting you back to doing what you love in this accelerated rehab environment. 

Wondering how the 1080 Quantum can help you get to the next level? 

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1080 Motion Services offered at the following Lone Peak PT Locations: 

Bozeman + Performance | Big Sky + Performance