Pediatric Speech Therapy

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Our pediatric therapy team provides comprehensive, multidisciplinary care, focused on collaboration, to ensure a family and client-centered approach to help children reach their potential.

Pediatric speech therapy provides individualized treatment sessions to address a variety of speech and language difficulties, communication disorders, hearing impairment, as well as feeding and swallowing complications. Our speech-language pathologist has additional experience in complex feeding and swallowing issues, background in neurodevelopmental approach to baby treatment, and is also a certified lactation counselor.

Signs your child may benefit from speech therapy:

  • Difficulty communicating or expressing themselves
  • Trouble making sounds or saying words which may make them hard to understand
  • Uses aided hearing devices to improve communication
  • Is unable to understand and answer age typical questions or follow directions
  • Appears to gag or choke when eating and may be resistant to transition to solid foods
  • Swallowing or feeding difficulties; requires a feeding tube for nutrition
  • Problems with breast and/or bottle-feeding