Pediatric Physical Therapy


Our pediatric therapy team provides comprehensive, multidisciplinary care, focused on collaboration, to ensure a family and client-centered approach to help children reach their potential.

Physical Therapy

Pediatric physical therapy aims to maintain, gain, and restore the physical functioning of multiple body systems including but not limited to: improving muscle strength, range of motion, gait, balance, coordination, posture, and movement. Our physical therapists have additional experience in neurodevelopmental treatment, ribcage management, scoliosis treatment, bowel and bladder management, lower extremity orthotic fabrication, and wheelchair fitting/equipment evaluation.

Signs your child may benefit from physical therapy:

  • Complaints of pain during and/or difficulty performing gross motor tasks such as standing, walking, running, or jumping
  • Awkward or atypical walking patterns, such as walking on tiptoes  
  • In infants, a strong preference for turning or tilting their head to one side
  • Frequent tripping or falling when walking, appearing clumsy or uncoordinated
  • Difficulty keeping up with peers during play

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