Emotional Support Resources – Help is Out There!

Emotional Support Resources


You are pregnant – now what?

You find a provider(s), progress through your pregnancy, then ‘pop’ a baby comes out, right? You have a well-developed birth plan and everything goes smoothly. Magic!

Listening to your Emotions

A well-developed birth plan is a great way to assist along your pregnancy journey, but what if it doesn’t go smoothly and a massive wrench gets thrown into your plans? For many women pregnancy is a powerful, beautiful experience, but what if you feel that isn’t you? Or you feel overwhelmed, stressed, anxious, and numerous other self-conscious, negative feelings coming up during your pregnancy.

There are trained, qualified individuals who can help you process emotions and changes during your pregnancy and into motherhood. Additionally, they can assist if your partner(s) are working through new changes with pregnancy too.

Don’t wait to get help

We recommend reaching out and getting help! Don’t hesitate to chat with your primary provider, coach, pelvic health physical therapist, or one of your supporting team members. They can help you connect to a qualified individual within our community.

Listed below are a few resources:

Roots Family Collaborative “Dedicated to connecting families to the support they need from pregnancy to parenthood. We exist to connect parents to parents, parents to professionals, and professionals with one another during this unique, and often challenging developmental stage.”

Bridger Peaks Counseling “Made it our mission to ensure a safe space for individuals looking to overcome life’s challenge, grow in connection, and embrace authenticity”

Providence Mental Health “Our approach is geared toward alleviating the harmful effects of traumatic experiences and weak attachment by providing a foundation for healthy families and individuals.”

Spring Integrative Health A multi-faceted naturopathic provider's office, in Bozeman, focusing on holistic care, and mental and emotional support, for mom and baby.

Reading Resource - Depression During and After Pregnancy: A Resource for Women, Their Families, and Friends


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