Come Test and Train on our New 1080 Quantum!


Written by: Shelli Stevenson, PT DPT

We have recently added the revolutionary 1080 Quantum training system to our Lone Peak Physical Therapy Performance and Fitness Center in Big Sky, Montana. We are the first training facility in the Rocky Mountain States region to have this remarkable machine!

The 1080 Quantum is a highly sophisticated computerized pulley system used for performance testing, training, and rehabilitation. This amazing machine can measure speed, force, acceleration, and power! This system has been tested at the professional sports training level and proven to be far more effective than more traditional training methods.

The 1080 Quantum is unique for training and testing in three-dimensional movement patterns. We can train and overload the eccentric phase of any of the functional exercises which allows clients to get stronger and reduce the risk of injury. It can also increase strength through isokinetic resistance training with controlled speeds through a full range of motion. We can also train change of direction and agility with eccentric loads by using a vest or belt. While using the 1080 Quantum, the trainer can see real-time results during the entire motion and can change the speed and load on the fly!

If you are a golfer and want to increase your drive this summer, come let us test and train you to play your best game this year. If you are a baseball player and you want to be throwing the game of your life and hitting home runs all year, come let us help you reach those goals. If you injured your ACL skiing this winter, we can help you rehab faster and improve your performance for the next ski season.  If you just want to improve your overall fitness for the upcoming summer, call us and schedule an appointment today!

Call 406-995-4522 for pricing and to schedule your 1080 Quantum Assessment!

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