The Benefit of Proper Alignment and Biomechanics

Bike Fit

Every athlete moves differently and while there are certain movement requirements to accomplish any specific athletic task… think golf swing, running gait, or shooting a basketball, how well an athlete performs the task is ultimately based on efficiently their unique body can accomplish the movements necessary to yield optimal results.

Many coaches, trainers, and instructors follow a rigid, “one way is the right way” approach when working with their athletes. However, oftentimes they hurt an athlete’s overall performance by not understanding how a particular athlete moves, produces force, or loads/explodes. Think about Reggie Miller shooting a 3 pointer, Jim Furyk’s golf swing, or Michael Johnson’s unique upright running style. These are some of the greatest athletes, ever, at their particular sport, but no one would ever qualify their form as “optimal”.   They simply found a better way for their unique bodies to accomplish their desired athletic task.

We will use your specific biomechanical data to assess functional imbalances in movement patterns and to build a training plan to maximize your efficiency with your desired task.  We will focus on optimizing your unique musculoskeletal system to create optimal skill learning and development.   Finally, this data can be shared with coaches, trainers, and parents to assist in the complex athlete development and decision-making process.

In simple terms, what really matters is a person’s ability to accomplish the specific motor task EFFICIENTLY.  By analyzing and understanding an athlete’s chosen movement patterns we can often significantly improve their “movement efficiency”, resulting in big jumps in performance, elimination of chronic pains, and protection against future injury.

Components of Biomechanics:

Running Analysis

Bike Fitting

1080 Maps Movement Screen

Post-Surgery Return-To-Play

Who would benefit from movement analysis?

  • Any Athlete looking to reach their full potential and maximize training benefits.
  • Athletes returning to play/competition following injury or surgery.
  • Student-athletes hoping to compete at the next level.
  • Athletes with chronic pain and/or repeat injuries.
  • Athletes wanting to increase jump performance.
  • Athletes looking to increase swing speed
  • Athletes looking to develop throwing velocity.
  • Runners looking to get faster and prevent overtraining injuries
  • Cyclists wanting to improve power and speed

Running Analysis

Running analysis is a service offered for runners who are experiencing pain/discomfort or wish to improve running economy (efficiency). During the analysis, the runner will be exposed to different speeds, grades, barefoot running, and changes in cadence. Our lab uses a slow-motion camera system to identify abnormalities in the running cycle that may be leading to pain or inefficiency. Once we understand the runner’s gait, we will be able to prescribe corrective exercises and strategies to help the runner run pain-free and efficiently.  

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What is the cost?

$225, We also accept health insurance - Call or text us at 406.551.9077 to inquire!

What is done with the information?

A variety of interventions may be applied including:

  • Running Biofeedback
  • Mobility Exercises
  • Functional Strength Exercises
  • Cadence drills
  • PT referral

Why is it important to know how I move?

Understanding how and what you move the way you do will help you perform at your best and prevent unnecessary and unwanted injuries. In our lab, we will be able to evaluate sport-specific data including:

  • How your muscles are firing
  • How you generate force
  • How your joints are loading
  • How you are producing power

How I move, does it really matter?


Bike Fitting

Bike fitting involves a dynamic evaluation of a cyclist’s riding position.  We use joint markers, a slow-motion camera, biomechanics software, and a leveling laser, to determine the most efficient position on the bike.  Finding the correct bike fit results in optimized pedaling efficiency increased power production, and enhanced comfort on your bike.

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What is the cost?

$250, We also accept health insurance - Call or text us at 406.551.9077 to inquire!

What are the reasons to get a bike fit?

Experiencing pain, discomfort, or an inefficient pedal stroke are the primary reasons for getting a bike fit.

Common areas of pain or discomfort include:

  • Knee pain
  • Lower back pain
  • Neck pain
  • Numb hands
  • Numb feet
  • Quadricep pain/tightness
  • Hamstring pain/tightness
  • Pudendal neuropathy (crotch numbness)
  • Calf pain/tightness
  • Frequent cramping

Post-Surgery Return-To-Play

How do you know when it’s safe to return to sport following a major orthopedic injury/surgery? The 1080 Quantum and 1080 Sprint can give both you and your therapist valuable objective data to help guide the process. Force, power, speed, and acceleration can be measured while performing specific functional exercises to help develop a more accurate limb symmetry analysis. In addition to contemporary return to play objective criteria, the 1080 equipment will help you feel safe and confident when returning to your sport.

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