Are You Ready for Delivery?

Pelvic Health Specialist for Delivery


Did you ever wonder what a pelvic PT specialist can do for you during pregnancy?


A few appointments with a pelvic floor PT specialist prior to delivery can jumpstart your preparation for delivery in a big way. More and more women are opting to attempt an unassisted, natural delivery if possible and pelvic PTs are here to support you in meeting this goal!

Topics that may be covered during your appointment...

  • Exercise modifications during and after pregnancy
  • Bowel function
  • Activation of core to better assist with gentle pushing coordination during delivery
  • Assessment of pelvic floor muscle tone/strength
  • Body mechanics when supporting infant
  • Practice with hands-on techniques to be applied, by your partner, during labor
  • Application of a TENS unit for pain relief during labor

Want to learn more about TENS unit? Check out this article from The Cleveland Clinic

Scheduled for a C-section?

Suppose you have been informed that a C-section delivery is a possibility for the health of you or your baby. In that case, a pelvic PT can help with offering support and discussing post-delivery expectations/restrictions associated with a C-section delivery. Incision healing and post-op outcomes improve with pre-delivery education and preparation.

Lifting and activity restrictions will be in place after Cesarean delivery, and a pelvic PT will cover modifications to ease your experience while caring for your newborn.

Developing a plan

A prenatal pelvic PT visit is also a great time to discuss your post-partum return to fitness goals. Pelvic floor and core strength can be assessed during pregnancy and a post-partum exercise program will be initiated with supervision by your PT before you deliver your baby so that you are prepared with when/how to get started with exercise after delivery.

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